Gain Control Over Your Buildings’ Access

Access control is about Who goes Where, and When. Access Control systems allows the owner to control the entry permissions to areas of their building or facility. Each automated door can be configured to allow access by specific time(s), date(s) or individual permissions. There are multiple types of entry readers which include card readers, fobs, keypads or pin pads, and biometric readers. Access Controls gives the owner the ability to have direct integration with the building’s HVAC, CCTV systems and information systems. Card access systems can be as small as a single door, or can be expanded to unlimited doors across multiple buildings. No more lost keys and quick system updates ensures your facility remains secure.


  • Regulate and Monitor Access to Each Door in Your Facility
  • Control Access to Different Areas Per Individual
  • Visitor Entry Management
  • Schedule Times for Public Access

How Does It Work?

We will meet with you to assess your security needs and provide you with all of the options for card readers, door controls, badge readers, visitor entry management or visitor entry stations. We can provide full planning, design, installation, start-up, commissioning, training, and documentation of your access control system.

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What you can expect
  • Configuring Entry Authorizations by Specific Times, Dates or Individual Permissions
  • Single Door to Unlimited Doors Across Multiple Buildings
  • Ensuring Your Facility Remains Secure
  • Having Local Support and Preventative Maintenance Contracts Available