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Through Control Technologies’ Performance Contracting Program, owners make building improvements funded through existing operating budgets that can provide a guaranteed energy savings. Control Technologies customers have reduced emissions, reduced energy consumption, and improved system efficiencies while creating a more comfortable environment for building occupants, all without adding to the current budget.


  • Guaranteed Energy Savings or We Pay the Difference
  • Get New Equipment and the Latest Technology
  • No Bond Votes for Municipalities
  • Budget Neutral Financing

How Does It Work?

Control Technologies helps you move money currently being sent to utility companies into productive efficiency improvements that pay for themselves. It is a complete process of single source responsibility for evaluation, design, implementation, and financing with a guaranteed savings.

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What you can expect
  • Getting a No Cost Presentation on How the Guarantee and Financing Works
  • Funding Your New Equipment Through Existing Operating Budgets
  • Reduced Emissions, Improved System Efficiencies and Reduced Energy Consumption